My Reading List of Japanese Literature


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Japan Kaleidoskop

There are many reading lists on the Internet. I like to read blogs, who deal with reading books. Some blogs I follow take their reading list from the Time Magazine as 101 books or from the BBC like Emily January, one blogger created his little blog of books and then there is goodreads. Good hell! A lot to read!

I love how people write about their reading and I read a lot too. Especially I am fond of Japanese literature and always interested in how Japanese books are understood by others.

When I took a look at 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die I discovered, that it includes the following Japanese titles:

Kafka on the Shore – Murakami Haruki
After the Quake – Murakami Haruki
Sputnik Sweetheart – Murakami Haruki
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle – Murakami Haruki
The Sea of Fertility – Mishima Yukio
Rashomon –…

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  1. 日本の映画、文学、芸術の時代背景が体系的にまとめられています。