Art on Tuesday: Rainy Season


Great pic~Thank you so much

Japan Kaleidoskop

From the beginning of June to the middle of July it is rainy season in Japan, it is called tsuyu 梅雨, literally meaning plum rain. Although it is not always comfortable to be outside, there are some nice paintings showing the rain from an artist’s perspective. Enjoy the rain!

From left to right:

Torii Kotondo 鳥居言人 (1900-1976): Rain, 1929.

Kawase Hasui 川瀬 巴水 (1883-1957): Rain in a Town, 1930.

Ohara Koson 小原 古邨 (1877-1945): Two Girls with Umbrella Caught in a Sudden Shower, 1930.




  1. I am lucky enough to live where the rain is quite regular throughout the year. Though there can be areas of the country that are in drought. Your shared art is beautiful. I do enjoy a good rain, but one must be careful when lightning is about.


    • Thank you for your time and comment
      Quiet sound of rain is very comfortable…..^^
      Powerful typhoon is coming soon to Japan !
      Have a good day~


      • Yes I read and heard about the typhoon – be safe!
        I wish we could figure out how to get the extra rains to the dry places that need it.

        Last year we had much rain and a very cold and snowy winter.

        For me it is the middle of the night around 3am. But when one cannot sleep… I suppose I should try again. Be well.


        • Thank you so much~
          Japan was also hit by heavy snow twice this year.
          Is like a hundred years
          It would be the effects of global warming….


          • We have a friend who is a scientist…and while man may contribute a small part – global warming is a natural occurrence that has a very long cycle so it seems like the beginning of this current cycle is all the fault of man. Although I am sure we as humans can better care for our planet. I will do my part to conserve and recycle but I will not be bullied or misled.

            Global Warming is not caused by just the changes man has made and the changes man has made are only a very small part of the whole environmental story. The slow natural shift of the Earth axis also contributes to weather change. And that is something man has absolutely no control over. We also have no control over solar flares or natural objects falling from space. It would be nice however if we were able to clean up our space junk. There is another theory that some of that space junk is another cause of faults in our atmosphere. The Ozone layer also has natural weak spots (maybe even cycles – that I would have to check because I am not sure I am remembering that correctly).

            This year because of the winter and living in a semi-rural area that doesn’t know how to deal with cold and snow – we had many days where public schools and other offices too, canceled and were closed because of road safety. A family member is a teacher – they had more school days to add on to the end of the school year to make up those days when the schools where closed than they had ever had before in any year before.

            For you and yours, be prepared and stay safe. Some of our states have had some major hurricanes (and other weather)- some that happened recently, just last year and others several years ago that are still being cleaned up and repaired.


          • Global warming is an issue that can not be avoided.
            You need to consider what we can do personally.
            And when will that is to be performed.
            Thank you so much dear friend


          • Yes that is true. Global warming will come. If we all try just a little bit harder to be kind to the planet and each other we might just make it through another ice age.

            Be well, always.


  2. I remember (and miss) waiting for the rainy season and then walking in steady, yet fine rains when living in The Land of the Rising Sun. Thanks for the flashbacks.


  3. makoさん こんばんは^^


  4. こんばんわ~