Art on Tuesday: Ueno Park


Japan Kaleidoskop


This month I am very fond of the ukiyo- e night scenes. Here is another picture of Koho Shoda (1871-1946). It’s title is Ueno Park, which is in Tôkyô. I like it very much, because it reminds me of summer time in Japan.




  1. Hi KOH. Yes it has that tranquil feel about it everything is safe and well. May I thank you so much for liking my poems Mortality! That Moment Of Birth! Unseen! Grave! Big Foot! Apartment! and Hikers! Always so nice to hear from you. Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet

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  2. Lovely. I am so excited because we’ve just booked a trip to Japan for next year…yay!! 🙂

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