Swing — feral poetess


“How like a dream is this I see and hear: Love, lend me patience to forbear awhile.” What exactly do the two legged creatures Without wings think is going to happen? You can’t reap mangoes from a lemon tree. They sow cayenne and expect to reap Papayas, …it doesn’t work that way. Whatsoever you sow, […]

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Art on Tuesday: Lake Chûzenji — Japan Kaleidoskop


This is a landscape woodblock print by Hiroshige II 二代 広重 (1826-1869) called Chûzenji Lake in Shimozuke Province 下野中禅寺湖水 made in 1860. It is part of the series One hundred famous views of Japan 諸国名所百景. Lake Chûzenji is located in the Nikkô National Park, a popular tourist spot even today and a must see on […]

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Art on Tuesday: Mount Fuji seen from the Inume Pass — Japan Kaleidoskop


This ukiyo-e is part of the series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji 富嶽三十六景. It is picture number eight: Mount Fuji seen from the Inume Pass in Kôshû 甲州犬目峠. The series is one of the best-known ukiyo-e collection by Katsushika Hokusai 葛飾 北斎 (1760-1849). Mount Fuji comes in brown lava color with snow on top. In […]

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